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  1. Humans drink ethanol (in concentrations high enough to be used as an effective as a microbicide or a solvent) for the express purpose of achieving blood toxicity and disrupting normal brain function as a recreational activity
  2. Breeding does not kill them. A single human can mate dozens or hundreds of times in a lifetime. They often do so as recreation. Can confirm Xenobiology team six's belief they do not have a mating season
  3. Removing a limb will not fatally incapacitate humans: always destroy the head.
  4. During an adrenaline rush human muscles may stress themselves to the point of ripping from the bone and a human wouldn't notice
  5. Human bites can be fatally infectious to other humans, despite not being venomous
  6. Human strength and speed is subpar, but they don’t need to overpower or outrun you. Humans only need to outlast you - and by other species’ standards, they don't tire easily
Subject 5347
  1. Subject will partake in this irregularily, often overheard stating "if you need loads of alcohol to be fun, it says more about your personality than I ever could".
  2. Subject appears to wertyuiosdfghjklxcvbnm unclear whether dfghjkkjhgfcvbh will require further fghjhgfcvbnm unable to confirm fghjkuytredhbjklygf
  3. Will be unable to confirm
  4. Difficult to testify this. However, bursts of adrenaline are evident in potentially dangerous situations e.g. running up the stairs with a dark hallway below
  5. Unable to confirm, as subject's bites have yet to prove fatal to any nest mates
  6. Subject is amenable to exercising her limb muscles, though neither impressively fast nor strong. "If I start running, you should start worrying" Subject values flexibility over muscle strength, cannot discern a tactical strategy behind human 'yoga' practice. Caution is advised, does not seem to need strength nor speed to subdue opponents